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    Monday, 19 August 2019

    Reliance jio fiber broadband registration

    Reliance Jio started to accept registrations for broadband service which launched in September 2019. Mukesh Ambani has a great plan for the Jio user. Ambani is going to launch on go third ceremony. It's a piece of good news for all Jio users. Go launch before a few years. They started to first sell go SIM is free of cost with service by 4Gbpd and unlimited calling. That service they provide updo 5-6 month for Indian users. And now they are preparing or launching a new Jio Broadband that makes things for Jio users.
      Ambani said they had already invested a lot, now they are going to way of profit. Jio fiber monthly data plan is starting from 700 rupees and 10000 rupees for premium users. The basic plan will start from 100Mbps to 1GBps. Reliance Jio targeting 1 billion users to connect with the device. Voice call will be free for a lifetime.
    The Jio also announced a go welcome offer under which all users who buy it is annual plans will get ahead / 4k LED Tv for free. With installation charge is free.

    How to register for Jio fiber-


    Click On Registration on Jio Giga fiber site. They're only simple few steps to register for Jio fiber.

    In the first step, mention the address where you want to get the Jio Fiber 

    In the second step, which asked for your name, mobile no. , and email address.

    In the third step, for confirmation by OTP send on your handset.

    Then you will get a message from Jio Community.

    Installation process of Jio Broadband-

    After your registration complete and when Jio fiber service is available in your areas, the installation engineer will come soon to visit your home or working place to install the broadband system. Activation time is within two hours. Joe said on website installation charges are free.

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