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    Monday, 2 September 2019

    Flood Avoidable Road For Cities

    Flood Avoidable Road For Cities: It is also called 'Water Absorber Road' In rainy season flood in cities is a common problem. It is not only a problem in India, many countries have the same problem in their city. But now science has a solution to this problem. It is a Flood avoidable road which absorbs the water by the road and possibly flood is avoidable. It is really needed for big cities. Because of suddenly rein in cities, the whole city road is filled with water. It is problematic for people who want to go to a job and also student to school. That problem can stop the whole city. And in many cases when rain is hard at that time the government has to decide on public holidays because of flood issues in cities. So why Flood avoidable road helpful for future read the full article for more information.
    Flood Avoidable Road

    Construction Of Water Absorber Road Or Flood Avoidable Road- 

    This Road using concrete differently. The road is constructed by a small shape stone are bonded together by the cement and that combination makes a high strength of road material. Because of using small stone there is a formation of gap becomes which allows the water passing through the road. It means there is some small hole produce, which allows water to pass through that gap. Flooded avoidable road or Water absorber road consumes less cement at construction time and the required water for constructing road is very less. In which, if we use dry stone they consume little more water than wet stone. 

    Capacity of Water Absorber Road Or Flood Avoidable Road- 

    The capacity of Water absorber road to absorb water is 1 Thousand of litter water in 1 square feet in only 1 minute. It depends on the groundwater absorbing capacity, which also matters. Or there will need also a water drainage system, for the store water in the groundwater reservoir for recycling or reuse of this water. Underground water drainage system, increase the capacity of water-absorbing by the road. There is a video on YouTube which shows 8 thousand liter water absorb by the road in only one minute by using an underground water drainage system. 
    Flood Avoidable Road
      Fig. Flood avoidable roadblock model 

    Function of flood avoidable road or water absorber road-

    • As we know water absorber roads can absorb lots of liter water.
    • Flooded avoidable road makes cool road surface in summer season because of cold water makes cold air, which like vapors are formed below the road and make surface colder than other road. 
    • Flooded avoidable road also ability to reflect light so at night time we can use less illumination light for night. Because of reflection ability there need of light is less. And it will save electricity.

    Drawback of flood avoidable road or water absorber road-

    • There is only one problem of that road is if dust or mud goes in the gaps of the road. That can block the holes which allow for the water to absorb. 


    Flood Avoidable Road For Cities is the best innovation in big metro cities. Wherein the rainy season makes the flood problem because there is no way to flow water. Because of the overland flow and the whole city is packed by the concrete there is no way to flow water. And many times garbage makes a problem of flood in the city. Ex. 2005 in Mumbai flood because of garbage are choked in drains. So, in that case, the government also takes responsibility for the road by this way of a flood avoidable road. 

    Flood Avoidable Road
    Fig. Layer of the flood Avoidable Road model.


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