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    Saturday, 28 September 2019

    Impact Of Social Media On Youth Questionnaire

    Impact Of Social Media On Youth Questionnaire:-
    Impact Of Social Media On Youth Questionnaire:-

    1. Which social media sites do you use?

    • Facebook 
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest 
    • Snap chat 
    • Hike
    • What’s app
    • LinkedIn
    • Other (Please Specify

    2. How many hours in a day do you spend on these social media sites?

    • Less than 1 Hours        
    • 1-2 Hours         
    • More than 2 Hours

    3. Why do you use these social media sites?

    • Keep up with news/gossip/trends Entertainment

    • Job-related information To feel a sense of belonging

    • Contact and connect with friends and family Interact with new people

    • Organize events Sharing/liking posts

    • Raise awareness

    • Other (Please Specify)

    4. What are the personal benefits of using these sites?

    • Help with studies Job-related information
    • Staying connected with people Learn new skills
    • Entertainment Sharing common interests
    • Digital reputation
    • Other (Please Specify)

    5. Which disadvantages do you believe are the of using these sites?

    • Cyber-bullying Headaches-eye problems
    • Less social interaction Time consuming
    • Unrealistic expectations Negative feelings/emotions
    • Digital reputation
    • Other (Please Specify)

    6. Do you think these social media sites can help to build relationships on the personal and professional front?

    • Yes 
    •  No

    7. Is the use of social media sites adversely affected your work schedule/professional life? 

    • Yes 
    •  No

    8. Do you think privacy policy conditions are effective on social media sites? 

    • Strongly agree Agree
    • Disagree Strongly disagree
    • Other (Please Specify)

    9. Do you think that kidnapping, robbery, murder can be easily done by sharing details with these social media sited?

    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • No

    10. Do you accept strangers or unknown person who tries to friend with you on social media sites?

    • Yes 
    •  Sometimes
    •  No

    11. Do you think that some useless and fake blogs influence youth extremely that they become violent and can take some inappropriate actions?

    • Yes 
    •  Sometimes 
    •  No

    12. To what extent do you think these social media sites are impacting on your overall wellbeing?

    • Positively impact 
    •  No impact
    • Negative impact
    • Both positive and negative 

    14. Which emotions do you experience when using these social media sites? 

    • Rejection Happiness
    • Boost self-esteem Jealousy
    • Motivation, Inspiration
    • Fear of missing out Lower self esteem
    • Sense of belonging
    • Other (Please Specify)

    15. How do these emotions impact your overall well-being because of these social media?

    • It affects my ability to relate well with others.
    • Gives me a positive outlook.
    • Heightens my anxiety.
    • Gives me a confidence boost.
    • Gives me the feelings of social and emotional isolation.
    • Inspirational and motivating
    • Feels like my emotions are controlling my thoughts
    • May lead to other mental health issues.
    • Other (Please Specify)

    15. Give your suggestion about the impact of social media on youth (compulsory) 


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