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    Tuesday, 3 September 2019

    Make Money Tips For Student and Jobless

    Make Money Tips For Student and Jobless People: Everyone knows the need of money. Now days our daily every step wants money. But making money is not easy. Many people trying hard, but they didn't find any perfect source of earning. We have some tips to earn money as follows.


     It takes a long time to make money but when your choice is perfect it can change your life. Trading is a way to earn money by investing your savings in the market, ex. Sensex (BSE), nifty (NSE). There is lots of company share to buy and sell. As your suitability there are 100 rupees to 100000+rupees prices shares available. But there is a possibility of loss also. When you know how and which shares buy and sell, then that can change your life. Trading is not an easy platform to earn money. But when you did the whole study about the market, then you are a legend of earning money. I prefer you only invest 1:3 part of the money when you will start. Trading needs a demand account. Demand account is similar to the bank account, but in the demand account share are holding and in bank account is money. There is an article which helpful for beginner pleases click here "Treading Tips for new Investor".


     If you like to write or if you have something different idea or knowledge, then you can make unlimited money here. You have to just open a website (it is very easy and in a few steps). Then you can post some unique content on that web site. Blogging is a platform where we can post our article on google or website and earn money based on an advertisement on your post. Earning is like an unlimited, as your post-run on google, you can make dollars.


    When you have any talent or you have teaching knowledge then is a perfect platform for you. Everyone or anyone can make money on YouTube. Graduated people can share knowledge or they can provide lectures on YouTube and earn money. But a person has to do some hard work on YouTube. YouTube takes some time, but today or tomorrow if your video if perfect or helpful then people will get profit from there. 

    Affiliate Marketing-

      Affiliate marketing is a platform where you can promote any brand or company product on your site. That company or brand is given a commission on your sell product. Ex. If you promote any product on your website and you share this on google or social media, if any person buying from your generated link then you will get your profit. It is the easiest and fastest way to make money. Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The association provides affiliate marketing services.

    Money Earning Apps-

    We know There is a lot of applications on google play store. Which provide many platforms to earn money. By completing tasks by playing games, and based on cricket knowledge also. There are many apps which give a lot of cashback and offers on money transfer where you also make money.

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