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    Sunday, 1 September 2019

    Story Of Ranu Mondal Social Media Sensation

    Ranu Mondal who famous on social media by singing talent. She makes her sound as a shield for surviving her life. Everyone had watched a singing video of Ranu Mondal on the railway station. In which video she singing a very beautiful and win the heart of many people. The video is made by a software engineer who passing through the railway station. He records her voice on the super hit song of late Mangeshkar is " Ek Pyar Ka Lamha He". After that video viral everywhere and some good people came to make her life. 
    Story Of Ranu Mondol Social Media Sensation
     At this time Ranu Mondal got a chance to singing in a TV show Super Star singer which is the junior singer platform. Ranu Mondal also gets a chance to sing in a movie by Himesh Reshammiya. The movie name is "happy, hardy our Sindhu". There is news about Akshay Kumar also giving a chance in his movie, which is not yet finalized. There is also news on social media about Superstar Salman Khan gives her 55Lacks amount of flat for life because she is homeless.
    Story Of Ranu Mondol Social Media Sensation

    Before Ranu Mondal Famous-

    Ranu Mondal who has a beautiful voice she resident of Ranaghat in West Bengal. The real name of Rani Mondal is Ranu Ray. She married with Bablu Mondal. After marriage, she shifted to Mumbai. Her life was going normal, but when suddenly her husband expires her life spoiled. After the death of her husband, she loosed everything she had no choice, so she decided as beggar life. She sings with sweet sounds and people give her money or food. Then her singing a song on the railway station for a living. She has a daughter, but because of beggar's life, she leaves her mother. 10 years she lives her life lonely. But after famous Ranu Mondal, her daughter came back to her

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