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    Thursday, 5 September 2019

    Treading Tips for new Investor

    Trading Tips for new Investor: Many new traders do not have an idea about how to start, how to invest and how many funds invest in the market etc. and it is not easy as we think. Thinkings is the main role in the share market.
    Treading Tips for new Investor

    Some tips for beginners...

    - Do not directly invest in Intraday trading.
    - Do not think always about Profit when you analyze stocks.
    - Always focus on minimizing loss.
    - Always keep an eye on daily news.
    - Brokers cannot provide 100 % correct information.
    - Do no beliefs in fake news.

    When a person came first time he shouldn't or do not directly start investing in Intraday trading. Intraday trading can make people very rich or big loss. When a person can be ready as the legend of trading, then he can start Intraday trading. In Intraday trading, people like to invest because of margin services. But that took person big loss or big profit so it is not perfect for beginners. First, I can prefer you try or invest some good stock in delivery. Then study with them for a few days, after a person can invest with more quantity or more fund.

    Treading Tips for new InvestorIn the stock market, many trading brokerage services are there. Which always recommends to join their services which provides as paid services. But I wanna too told you no one can say correct information about the market as 100%. and the main thing is " why you want to invest in the market?" answer is you want lots of profit. But that's the main failure when a person staring trading for the profit. Because when you think about profit that time your all concentration goes to focus on profit it makes person blind. And when you also find a stock or analyzing stock for investors as target of lot profit then failure is waiting for you. And that makes you blind because when you finding information about stock or the company as a target for only profit at that time you just notice only profitable information. You cannot observe or notice the negative point or which point can make a loss to a person.

    Everyone has to always think about avoiding loss or study for only minimize the loss when a person study for good stocks to invest in the market. Because when a person targeting first on profit that makes blindness, it is happening or it happens with many investors because it is human nature. When a person focuses on minimizing the loss that time human nature can help to find or study about best stock to invest in the market. 

    Do not believe in fake news, which always viral quickly in the market. Always believes or follows confirm the news. because of fake news person, it should make a loss in the market. News is an important part of us so we should be not follow fake news. Always keep an eye on daily news. Every trader has to read every day.

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