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    Saturday, 7 September 2019

    What is CATIA Software

    What is CATIA?

    CATIA means ' Computer-Aided three-dimensional Interactive Application'. It is a multi-platform for some software suite like computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), 3-dimensional design and Product life cycle (PLC). The Catia is a french CAD tool. It is a software for engineering design. It is mostly used in mechanical engineering design and aerospace design. It is also used in the system engineering, electric system, fluid system, etc. But in very rare cases. CATIA can help to design 3D modeling with high accuracy with consume very less time.

    Use of CATIA?

    It is software similar to use like AutoCAD, Solid Work, Pro-E, etc. In cad system tool perform many operations such as basic shape/mass/volume and they can fit within the assembly tool. 3-dimensioning tool used to design some vehicle, vehicle part, building, component, etc. CATIA makes easily design with their many functional tools and design draws on with the help of three planes, Which is  X, Y, and Z-axis. An industrial application is aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding, industrial equipment, high tech, Architecture, etc. CATIA is not only limited to designing, and surfacing, assemblies, etc. There are lots of more in CATIA. Croatia can work with different modes and aspect of industries. CATIA is widely used in the aerospace sector and some in the industry. It is also used in surfacing, modeling, sheet metal, Sintering laser system (SLS), composite material and other applications. The main use of CATIA is used in CNC programming, industries or companies like Boing, Airbus, Alstom for manufacture. 
    CATIA NX is especially good for aircraft, bikes, automotive design. Most purposes are related to mechanical engineering. CATIA also usable for Numerical control programming for CNC, milling machines. CATIA saving lots of time compared to the multitude engineer/drafting drawing on drawing sheet. Click here for Autodesk Inventor...

    Is CATIA free for Student-

    Yes, CATIA has provided CATIA Student Edition free for students. Free Student Edition is available for students, educators, and researchers from, related to education and private use. Free version is suitable for PC, laptop with 7,8,8.1 and 10 window. The size of the software is between 4 to 5 GB. CATIA free version is used for the design, modeling, analyze, manufactured products, and simulate. Many industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, etc. Is using CATIA for common use. Click for download.

    Some Version of CATIA- 

    • CATIA V1 - 1981
    • CATIA V2 - 1984
    • CATIA V3 - 1988
    • CATIA V4 - 1993
    • CATIA V5 - From 1998 to 2011 - R7, R17, R18, R19, R2010, R20, R21
    • CATIA V6 - From 2011 - R_, R20 
    • CATIA V5-6 - From 2012 - R2012 (R22), R2013 (R23), R2014 (R24), R2015 (R25), R2016 (R26), R2017 (R27), R2018 (R28)

    How Much Cost of Paid version of CATIA?

    CATIA prices vary based on the use or need of functions. The fully functional base with the License of CATIA  one time charges of   3D EXPERIENCE is $11200. Annual maintenance charges are $2000. A quarterly lease provides at charges of $1700. And yearly lease is provided at charges of $4500. There are additional charges apply to more function.

    Is The Job Available On CATIA?

    Yes, many companies and industries want employees to work on designing, modeling, metal shit, etc. For their product. On design basis, there are so many jobs for fresher. So there are 300000+ jobs on CATIA with 14000+ companies or industries. Engineers can add CATIA in their resume.  Click here to apply.

    Is CATIA better than Solid Work?

    It depends on user needs. CATIA states virtual product and Solid Work states 3D design so they have a special purpose. In easy language, I can say Solid work is suitable for creating an engine and CATIA suitable for creating airplanes. SolidWorks is easy to make machines. But in case if the design, aerospace, automotive, complicated product, CATIA is perfect for them. Modeling, 3d design is easy to design in solid work. The CATIA is a little boring and bigger than solid wood. If you learn CATIA there is no more to learn in solid work. CATIA is more expensive than solid work.


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