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    Saturday, 28 September 2019

    why do many people walk in sleep? or Sleepwalking

    Sleepwalking or why do many people walk in sleep?

    Sleep is very important for everyone, to reason is to restore and repair our organ system, including our hormones, muscle, immune system. And also most important for our mind means vital role is memory helps us, what we learned from our school or at work in a day.
    Sleepwalking-or-why do-many-people-walk-in-sleep?
    Sleepwalking scientific name is Somnambulism. This behavior disorder is originating during deep sleep in sleepwalking. In that behavior the person, whatever do, they can't remember what have done. A common cause for sleepwalking, is sleep deprivation, febrile illnesses, sedative agents including alcohol, and certain medications.

    Precautions when you do sleepwalking-

    • Keep a safe environment where you sleep, free from the harmful objects or sharp object.
    • Lock every window and doors.
    • Sleep on the ground floor (If possible) in the bedroom.
    • Place with a bell and alarm in the bedroom.
    • Cover all windows with heavy curtains.

    Prevent sleepwalking- 

    • Get sufficient or adequate sleep.
    • Stress limit.
    • Relaxation exercise or Meditation.
    • Avoid any kind of excitement when you go to sleep.
    Video By Motivation lecturer Mr. Sandip Patil sir. 

    Treatment for sleepwalking-

    Sleepwalking is caused by seizures, periodic leg movement, gastroesophageal reflux, restless leg syndromes, and obstructive sleep apnea, etc. So when all cases treated, then sleepwalking episodes should be stoped. Medically necessary when patients in risk of injury, and if the patient causes excessive daytime sleepiness or significant family disruption and when all treatment have not worked. Long term treatment is a relaxation technique, anticipatory awakenings and mental imaginary etc.

    There is so many people have this problem because of wrong life schedule. So guys manage or make your schedule to stay away from this disorder. And help them who affected by this disorder, do not take any advantage of them. If you can't sleep because of excitement, so avoid that because of this problem, it should be dangerous for you. Thanks.

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