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    Sunday, 29 September 2019

    Why red light on mobile tower and building?

    Everyone has seen red light on the mobile tower and big buildings. And there is everywhere space around us is taken by lots of towers. How many telecoms companies are there so lots of towers also. 
    Why red light on mobile tower and building?

    This red light on the tower is specially provided for aircraft like helicopters, airplanes, drones, etc. Beginning of the century, when mobile use is increased also tower for mobile network is also increased. With this helicopter use also increased. When tower and helicopter number is increased there is one problem create which is smoked in winter season. Smoke is formed in the air and vision problem for helicopters is increasing and many accidents happened that time. For this problem solving there is a red light on towers is used. With that light is helping to indicate a dangerous sign of the tower to helicopters. And the number of accidents is stoped. 

    Why only red light?

    As we know red color or light is used for dangerous and hazardous sign everywhere. Because red light is easily visualized from long distance. So that's why red light used on mobile tower.

    What is the height of the building is has to be for red light?

    As an FAA requirement of lightning of a building or any type of structure should be taller than 200 feet. Building or structure shorter than height also required red lightning.

    Why tower is painted with white and red color?

    Red color makes a more visible against the blue sky. And birds can see red and infrared spectra of light easily. Especially for telecommunication towers, FAA approved for the substitution of red light and white flashing lights is a combination of painting. 
    Why red light on mobile tower and building?

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