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    Friday, 20 December 2019

    What do blind people can see?

    The answer is surely not black or dark.

    What do blind people can see

    The first thing is I am talking about people who fully blind means who born with blindness. It is hard to understand, but you should try to understand.
    So biologically there few causes were born blindness. There should be a problem with lens, cornea, etc. So when normal people close their eyes, they can see black, dark, brown color which depends on the illumination light. But for blind people, there is no part to sense the light and make visualizations. It means they didn't know about any color (which is Red, blue, green, orange, white, etc.) even black color also they can't sense or imagine. It means they cannot see anything, neither black or dark color. Blind people can see nothing also they can't dream. The reality is they have nothing to watch or see with their eyes because they haven't eye. Blind people make their steps by touching and hearing.
    It is hard to explain and only blind people know what they see or there is not meaning of "See" for them.

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